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And at the turn of the millennium the former focal point of the pavilion and second most popular attraction in the park, Journey Into Imagination (the ride) has artificially dropped in attendance causing a dramatic overhaul of the entire attraction.

As such any modifications, preventative maintenance, and future developments were put on hold.(2) In addition, the severity of Imagination complaints had been masked by guest's responses to the mostly positive Celebration.

Last week I publish the first complete review of an Amlogic S905X device with MINI M8S II TV box review, and while the device work in a smooth and stable manner, some features did not work as expect such as HDMI audio pass-through.

I’ve now had the change to compare it to another S905X with NEXBOX A95X, not to confuse with its “homonym”: NEXBOX A95X with Amlogic S905 processor.

I’ve already taken pictures of the device and accessories, and checked out the hardware in the first part of the review, so today, I’ll report my finding playing with Android 6.0 firmware, Kodi video and audio capabilities, and check whether bugs and issues found on MINI M8S II are also present in the device.

NEXBOX A95X is really a tiny device, so it’s no surprise that it only comes with two USB 2.0 ports, and I used one with my 1TB hard drive, and connected a USB hub to the other with 2 RF dongles for my air mouse and gamepad, as well as a USB keyboard to take screenshots.